Küstenperle Strandhotel & Spa

Büsum and its pirates

The history of Büsum

Biusne, Busen, Butzen becomes Büsum

Did you know that Büsum was once an island and harboured pirates? Did you know that the island approached the mainland due to storm surges in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries and that a dam was built to protect it? You will also learn that this region became a North Sea spa in 1949.

Dike history

There is always something on offer here - whether for a quick breath of fresh air or to relax and unwind all day long. Büsum attracts visitors with its lively harbour, an inviting green and sandy beach and the shallow North Sea water, all easily accessible, whether by train or car. Who would have thought that this popular North Sea destination was once an island, separate from Dithmarschen? 

In the 19th century, Büsum became a hotspot for bathing enthusiasts. The soothing North Sea air attracted those seeking relaxation - seductive as it is, with its mix of quaint fishing village flair, fresh breeze and pure nature.

museum by the sea

The Museum am Meer offers its visitors a fascinating insight into the everyday life of coastal fishermen and traditional crab processing. Learn more about the history of tourism in Büsum since 1837 and be enchanted by the exciting exhibits. Depending on the time of day, watch the shrimp boats dock in the harbour and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere along the coast.

The museum by the sea also includes the aquarium at the harbour, where you can gain further fascinating insights into the underwater world.

History is told to you here

A very special museum experience awaits you at the Büsum Open-Air Dyke Museum. Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of the dykes on the west coast - a journey through time from 1200 to the 21st century.

Or experience the history of Büsum up close - on foot or by bike on a captivating guided tour of the town. Accompanied by experienced guides, you will explore the historic places and discover the fascinating past and lively present. 

Even more North Sea

Over time, Büsum has blossomed into a real oasis of well-being, a place where you can find peace and quiet, relax and experience North German culture up close. The enthusiasm of the guests continues unabated, generation after generation, and makes Büsum a real gem. At the Hotel Küstenperle, visitors feel the deep history, the everlasting beauty and the warm hospitality that make this place so special.

The Küstenperle

A place to breathe and rest,

to live and laugh.