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Rooms & suites

Room with sun in Hotel Küstenperle

Rooms & suites on the North Sea

Arrive, feel at home and relax - that is what a holiday in the Küstenperle Strandhotel & Spa looks like. Discover our rooms & suites in a modern maritime style. Due to the high quality furnishings and the loving details you have everything you require for your holiday on the North Sea. Even more comfort is provided with the Küstenperle-holiday benefits, making your stay really special. Would you like to gift the North Sea feeling to your loved ones? That’s not a problem with the Küstenperle-vouchers.

Perle rooms
Northern practical, good.
They are generally cosy 23 m² in size, almost all have a desk along with a balcony to enjoy the fresh air and are furnished with loving details.
1-2 people
approx. 23 m²
Perle comfort room
Spacious and bright.
Our comfort rooms are just as lovingly furnished and decorated as the Perle rooms, but offer even more space.
2-3 people
approx. 31 m²
Family rooms
For you and your loved ones.
Our family rooms are pleasant, comfortable and modernly decorated.
2-4 people
approx. 36 m²
Perle suites
Spacious, superb, Perle suite.
In our Perle suites of 68 m² it is almost like being at home.
2-4 people
approx. 68 m²
Wellness suites
Relaxation with a view of the North Sea
The name says it all – Wellbeing is top priority here.
2 people
approx. 52 m²